Overview of classes

Freespirit Martial Arts offers Karate, Cardio Kickboxing & Sparring classes, whether you want more self confidence, better fitness/cardio resulting in weightloss or self defence with rapid reactions, then Freespirit Martial can help you.

We currently offer the following classes:

  • MONDAY                  SELF DEFENCE                             7.00pm - 8.00pm
  • TUESDAY                 ADULT KARATE                           6.30pm - 8.00pm
  • WEDNESDAY           JUNIOR KARATE CLASS 1           5.00pm - 6.00pm 
  • WEDNESDAY           JUNIOR KARATE CLASS 2           6.05pm - 7.05pm
  • WEDNESDAY           JUNIOR SPARRING                      7.10pm - 7.40pm
  • WEDNESDAY           ADULT SPARRING                       7.40pm - 8.30pm
  • THURSDAY              JUNIOR KICKBOXING                   6.00pm - 7.00pm
  • THURSDAY              ADULT CARDIO KICKBOXING      7.30pm - 9.00pm